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193Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: US Civil War Factbook

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  • Curt
    Jun 8, 2001
      I would suggest:

      Mill Springs (A/D 1:1)

      Brice's Cross Roads (A/D 0.4/1.0)

      If you would like a contemporary European example, there is Sadowa
      (1866)(A/D 1.0/0.98).

      These were true battles of annihilation, as was Nashville, which I
      assume is your unnamed example (benchmark?).

      As I have attempted to demonstrate elsewhere, in discussion of the
      purported 3-1 rule, there is no real correlation of raw numbers of
      personnel to success in battle.

      Curt Johnson
      McLean, Va.

      James Rose wrote:
      If you can show me a single example of where an army in the
      > Civil War that had a 1.58-1 or less superiority in effectives destroyed
      > the other army I will change my opinion. Until that happens I will
      > maintain that McClellan did a very good job during the Maryland campaign.
      > Jim Rose
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