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1912Re: Suggestions for Antietam historian? part II

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  • Brian Downey
    Apr 14, 2005
      Hi Darin,

      I think you're on the right track and I'd enciourage you in this
      direction, FWIW.

      There's lots of first-had source material out there. Quite a bit is
      online (try Google). I've had people send me transcribed letters and
      diaries for AotW (see http://aotw.org/exhibit.php?exhibit_id=365 for
      example). There have been numerous collections of first hand accounts
      in print as well.

      You could also put out appeals for material to the big Civil War lists
      and geneology groups on the internet - probably lots of folks out
      there who could help.

      Best to you on your project, I really enjoy your photos. "Sunken
      Road, looking east" is a cover shot, if ever I've seen one. No
      question about where that was taken! A timeless image.


      Darin Boville <darin@d...> wrote:
      > <snipped>
      > So, my question is, does this material (that is, the diaries) exist? Is
      > it accessible? Is there enough of it? I've seen scattered quotes in
      > various books, but not enough to give mer a sense of how much good
      > stuff might still be out there.
      > My goal with this portion of the text is to provide a little context
      > for the images ...
      > --Darin
      > www.darinboville.com
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