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1910Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: Suggestions for Antietam historian? part II

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  • Darin Boville
    Apr 14, 2005
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      My thanks to all the responses to my inquiry. Very helpful. I'll need
      to let things "simmer" for a bit before I decide what I want to do.

      Meanwhile, I have another question!

      In my original conception of the book I had thought to include a page
      of text facing every photo (about eighty pages, or perhaps fewer if
      each text page preceded more than one image). The text would in some
      way interact with the image and encourage greater contemplation of it.
      I dropped the idea when I thought it would be too much for me to handle
      (this was in the middle of shooting the negatives and I had time for
      little else).

      So now I'm thinking about it again.

      One thought was to put excerpts from diaries, newspaper accounts, etc,
      from that time. My first inclination would be diaries, augmented with
      other accounts if there was not a sufficient supply. Unpublished is
      better, but published is o.k. as long as the book adds something.
      Entries that touch upon the landscape in some way would be ideal. A
      back-up thought would be to have the entries written expressly for the

      So, my question is, does this material (that is, the diaries) exist? Is
      it accessible? Is there enough of it? I've seen scattered quotes in
      various books, but not enough to give mer a sense of how much good
      stuff might still be out there.

      My goal with this portion of the text is to provide a little context
      for the images. In showing the samples on my web page I've encountered
      a number of people--more used to the traditional dramatic landscape,
      perhaps--who,puzzled, responded with comments such as "it looks like a
      bunch of fields and hills." Quite a reasonable response really. So
      maybe I need to do more.

      The trick will be to maintain the focus on the photographs rather than
      letting the photographs devolve into mere illustrations of the text.


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