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1874Re: [TalkAntietam] Hagerstown Fence

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  • Stephen Recker
    Apr 6, 2005
      I was out there today taking photos of that exact fence, trying got
      recreate the historical photo. Personally, I think the new fence is a
      good thing. I guess you could make a case that it should've been
      six-rail, but then you'd have to macadamize the road and switch the
      phone lines for telegraph lines.

      Stephen Recker
      Hagerstown, MD

      On Wednesday, April 6, 2005, at 07:05 PM, david lutton wrote:

      > I recall some postings concerning the new fence installed along the
      > Hagerstown pike. I was recently in Sharpsburg and was curious to see
      > how this work progressed.
      > I was really saddened to see the results. Not only is the fence
      > inaccurate (if I can recall the Gardner photos, the fence in this
      > area of the field was six rails high not five), but the new fence is
      > not in its proper location. I understand that traffic in this area
      > presents a special problem but if I recall there are fences on both
      > sides of the road around the Mumma farm. So my basic question is if
      > the fence could not be placed in it's historic location why put a
      > fence there at all??
      > With so many period fence lines and stone walls on the field that
      > need attention why waste funds on a historically inaccurate project
      > like this? Are Park Service funds so plentiful as to permit this
      > cosmetic project? What was the rational for it? I think that those
      > of us who are opposed to any new additions to the field such as new
      > monuments should be equally opposed to any frivolous additions like
      > this new fence.
      > Battery B, 4th US played a significant role in this phase of the
      > contest and this new "fence" placed litterly in front of one of the
      > muzzles of the battery guns does them no service.
      > Any comments?
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