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182290th Pa monument

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  • 128thpa@comcast.net
    Mar 17, 2005
      <<This not apply to the
      90th PA monument...>>
      I agree Tom! I would not have been involved with the 90th Pa monument foundation otherwise. Putting that monument up was a dream of a a good friend, Jim Durkin. When he showed me the photo of the original monument placed by the veterans, I really felt that it needed to be replaced on the field. Unfortunately, Jim never got to see the results of what he started, but I knew he was looking down on us at the dedication. Jim was one of those folks who always put his money where his mouth was.
      Two other folks who deserve the credit for getting the monument back to its rightful place are Eric Schmincke and Gary Casteel. It would not be there yet if it weren't for their dedication.

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