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1809Re: NH at Antietam:

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  • Scott Mingus
    Mar 16, 2005
      > > Steve Bockmiller wrote:

      > > > Falling Waters, WV (currently in the local news)
      > > > Hanover, PA (if someone was inclined to try)
      > > > Shepherdstown, WV (currently subject of


      I live in York County, PA, and work not far from Hanover. There's not
      much left there to preserve. Since much of the fighting occurred in
      the town's streets or in fields immediately adjacent to Hanover,
      almost all the open land that saw combat is gone (long since
      swallowed up by houses on streets named Stuart Avenue, etc.). One
      last vista from the Keller farm where the horse artillery lobbed
      shells at Hanover is now gone as of last summer (new construction).
      Even the small ditch that Stuart and Blackford leaped on horseback is
      in the backyards of private homes. Some of the routes that Stuart
      took to manuever are still pastoral, but I question how many more
      years this will be true.

      Mt. Olive Cemetery (CSA gun position and Hampton's line) is
      surrounded by houses, the Union gun positions north of town on the
      heights are indiscernible from the rows of houses, and the Rice farm
      is no longer a farm, nor is the Forney farm.

      Downtown, there is a nice statue (The Picket), a couple cannons
      (including Parrott gun tube #1), some other ACW displays and plaques,
      and a couple state historical markers. One wall plaque honors Custer.
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