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1749Lincoln's travels and Middletown

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  • jeffcowvplanning
    Mar 6, 2005
      Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry regarding whether AL
      passed through Middletown in October, 1862. I have started skimming
      the Middletown Valley Register and havent run into any mention of it
      (yet), and I am finding it surprising that I haven't.....after
      all...it isn't often that the President of the United States comes
      through your town. I am also on the look out for "4 Days in
      October" to read more.

      If anyone has any sources/stories/photos/anything on Middletown
      during the 1859-66 period, plus anything later (veterans visits,
      local veterans, buried shells exploding on the mountain after many
      years, etc.) please let me know.

      Also...another question....

      In "My Search for the Captain" by O.W. Holmes, Sr., he mentions
      meeting with the wife of a MASS regt. colonel who had been wounded
      at South Mountain or Antietam, and was travelling to be with him.
      As was the style of the period, Holmes doesn't mention her by name,
      but they travelled together as far as Middletown, where she found
      her husband being tended to for his wounds.

      Would anybody know which colonel this was? Methinks there werent
      more than a half dozen Massachusetts colonels or lt. colonels
      wounded in the battle...so the field is pretty narrow.

      Thanks for any help on this.

      Steve Bockmiller