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1665Re: [TalkAntietam] Lincoln's Travels

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  • Tim Reese
    Jan 14, 2005
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      Hey, Gerry. You survived the holidays! Seems everyone I know was sick with colds and what not, myself included. Bother. Sniff.

      Many thanks for the kind words. Though generally laudatory of the book, Ted was diplomat enough to avoid treading on sensitive, entrenched orthodoxy which will require time to evaporate in the light of day. Can't say as I blame him. But the road to Antietam is now fairly open for business. We'll see who puts out a thumb.

      Ego urges me to take credit for HWM insights, but fact is Lee and McClellan leave precious little to doubt. When I started listening more closely to what they said and did I felt like a dunce for not "getting" it sooner. Only took me forty years! Must be getting old.

      That's it for me writing wise. I've returned to my artwork. A picture is worth a thousand words, to coin a phrase.

      All the best for '05.

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