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1626Re: [TalkAntietam] Questions about Antietam

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  • Bud Wilkinson
    Sep 18, 2004
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      One of Tom's questions concerns whether the right flank of the Irish
      Brigade reached as far as Roulette Lane. I don't believe that it did.

      It is my understanding that the Irish Brigade came in on the left of the
      8th Ohio. The 8th was situated with it's right flank anchored at Roulette
      Lane. In "The Valiant Hours" by Thomas Galwey(Stackpole, 1961) he twice
      mentions that the Irish Brigade moves in on the left of the 8th. At the
      time, Galwey was a Sgt. in Co. B of the 8th OVI. Both his statements and
      his drawn map indicate the position of the 8th at the Lane.

      Galwey was an Irish born resident of Cleveland at the time of the
      war. Most of the men in Co. B of the 8th were of Irish birth or
      heritage. These men apparently had a great relationship with those in the
      Irish Brigade.

      The Valiant Hours is a great read, but also a bit hard to find. I haven't
      read my copy about 5 years, so I guess it's about time to dust it off read
      it again for the 4th time.

      Bud Wilkinson
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