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  • bdowney@aotw.org
    Aug 11 7:25 PM
      Hi Tim and group,

      I apologize for holding these last 3 messages up. I think they were written a day or
      more ago.

      I have to moderate or approve the first post for each new member to filter for
      spammers. Tim has recently re-joined and was in that category. I failed to correctly
      approve him for future posts, so these last three have been waitng for me to
      approve them.

      I think you're in the clear now Tim, and your posts should go right to the Antietam
      world as soon as you submit them.


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      Date sent: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:15:43 -0400
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      > Kevin,
      > In Britain "Bovril" is a venerable bouillon drink, usually beef or chicken. But in this case it's a spell-check foul-up by yours truly when using the abbreviation "B'ville" for Burkittsville.
      > The Burkittsville event was cancelled about a week and a half ago. You must have popped into their site just before. Everyone knew it wouldn't come off. Looks like they'll try again next year. I hope to be out of town.
      > You're so right about a good myth. Question is, who has more of them--your side of the mountain or mine? Here's a case where it pays to lose.
      > Tim
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