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  • Rawlings, Kevin
    Aug 6, 2004

      Sorry I did not check my spelling. I know Burkittsville is spelled with an
      "eye" but my fingers were too fast for my eyes. Sharpsburg is the same with
      the "born here" versus the "outsiders" of which I am an outsider too. The
      conflicts I had when I first moved in have settled down since I have been in
      town for 16 years and recognized as not wanting what is usually ascribed to
      what outsiders want (big grocery stores, shooping malls, movie theaters,
      etc...). Now those that wouldn't speak to me now say hello and converse. If
      you do enough time I suspect you gain some measure of acceptance.
      Interestingly, one gent who was born just outside of town, and has a
      recognized historic name in the area was always considered an outsider
      because he was not born in town. And it always galled him to the end of his
      life when asked about it.

      Tim, what is Bovril? And, when did the Living History/Re-enactment get
      cancelled? I tmust have just happened as I was checking their website just a
      couple of weeks ago.

      I too like the small town life with the exception of Route 34 is a good deal
      busier traffic wise than the roads through Burkittsville or Keedysville
      since it was bypassed by present day Rt 34. But I see changes in the wind
      coming down the pike literally and figuratively.

      Burkittsville and the myth of the Blair Witch. Ah, a good myth dies hard
      even when its perpetrated by Hollywood. Sort of like our Slave Block in town
      which really isn't despite the historic marker on it.