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1541Where's General Truman Seymour's Antietam O.R.?

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  • Brian Downey
    Aug 6, 2004
      Hi Group - I had a fascinating question from a site visitor, and I
      can't help. Can you?

      "I've searched high and low for the above referenced report. As you'll
      quickly realize, the O.R. only has Seymour's report on the Battle of
      South Mountain. Yet, I know he must have written one as George Meade,
      his immediate superior, mentions it in his own report on Antietam.
      I've checked the Supplement to the O.R., the Antietam Battlefield Park
      Library, as well as the Antietam Studies papers at the National
      Archives. I've even searched for a repository or library that has
      "Truman Seymour Papers," but no luck finding such a place. Any
      thoughts or ideas? "

      Thanks for any leads or info,