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1532Re: "At ease"

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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Aug 3, 2004
      > From: <richard@...>

      > Was "at ease" a command in 1862? If not -- what would have been it's
      > equivalent?


      I do not believe it was a textbook "command. I have not come across it in any
      drill manuals that I have studied.

      I believe that the command "Rest" would have been used in a military formation.

      Was it used in a conversational situation, such as an soldier appearing before
      a superior officer in an office setting? That, I am not sure because we do not
      have much in the way of primary source documentation on normal dialogue except
      theatrical military "personations."

      I did not find any "at ease" expression in my slang dictionaries, and the word
      "ease" in the eighteenth and nineteenth century had more worldly nuances.

      Bill Christen
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