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1513Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: Richard at Antietam -- book signing

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  • Teej Smith
    Jul 27, 2004
      Richard Croker wrote:

      > Excuse me??????
      > There was actually a person called Reverence N. Awe?????
      > If so, I am in "N Awe" of his parents!

      LOL...just a wee bit of Tar Heel humor. Most people called him Brig.
      Gen. J. Johnston Pettigrew who graduated from the University of North
      Carolina with a perfect 4.0 average, and as Longstreet said in THE MOVIE,
      "they still speak of your grades with reverence and awe. Actually, Pettigrew
      and Matt Ransom had identical G.P.A.s the story of how that was resolved is
      an interesting one, and one which caused a life-long rivalry between Ransom
      and Pettigrew. Unfortunately,for Pettigrew "life-long" wasn't all that long.

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