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1466Re: [TalkAntietam] 90th Pa monument

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  • robert blama
    Jul 18 8:06 AM
      Not sure I agree that monuments are graffiti. Since there are many more causal people visiting the battlefields than the buffs, some type of interpretation is needed for them to understand. A lot of the monuments at Gettysburg tell a story (through their dedication) of the role of the rgt in the battle that we might not have otherwise. Also they tell of obscure incidents which are might never had been told (like Sally of the 11th Pa)
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      From: Brian Morris
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      Not at all. The 90th Pa monument was simply the replacing of a monument put
      there by the men who fought there. If the 69 Pa or Irish Brigade monuments
      were damaged and needed replacing at Gettysburg I would wish for them to be
      replaced as they were originally placed there by the veterans.

      However we didn't fight there so I don't believe we have a right to come
      along and start placing new monuments at this late date. The problem is
      people have very strong interests in the Civil War. It's like a ghost
      however because while it's all around us yet it's still far enough back in
      history that it's very hard to get a firm grasp on it. So we try and connect
      with it through walking the battlefields, re-enactments and so on. Trying to
      get a better vision of what it was like. Some people however take it to far
      and these new monuments are the result of it. They think that by getting a
      permanent monument placed on a battlefield that they are now permanently
      connected to that battle. That's not the case however. All they've done is
      graffitied the battlefield except instead of using spray paint they've used
      granite and bronze.


      > Well, with all this talk of being against new monuments, I hope folks
      don't put the 90th Pa monument in that category. The monument which will be
      dedicated at 12:30 on Sept 18th is a replacement for the original monument
      placed on the battlefield by the veterans themselves.
      > I know some folks are against any monuments, but in my opinion, if the
      veterans put them there - the monuments are as much a part of the
      battlefield as anything else. It is part of the history and the reason for
      saving these battlefields. The monuments are a concrete expression of how
      the veterans felt and remembered the land that they risk their all.
      > Paula
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