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  • Tim Reese
    Jul 13, 2004
      Hi Ollie,

      If you check out the links I provided Mary you'll see that the Lincoln telegram was sent at MIDNIGHT. Case closed. Like many others, you fell for Sears' theorizing.

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      From: Tim Reese
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      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the input. The Lincoln telegram you refer to was not sent almost immediately after McClellan received the Lost Order. It was in fact sent twelve hours later at midnight. See http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/P?mal:7:./temp/~ammem_D8Mf:: for digital photo of original document. Also see AotW article at http://aotw.org/exhibit.php?exhibit_id=358 for corrected 9/13 scenario. All too often Sears is inexcusably sloppy with his sources, this being a salient example.

      Your knowledge of 19th Century time needs some improvement. Here is the line from the link you provided:

      Frederick, September 13, 1862--12 M (Received 2.35 a.m., September 14.)

      If you notice it says 12 M. The M does NOT stand for Midnight. It means Meridan the same as the M in AM (Anti-Meridan {before Midday}) and the M in PM (Post Meridan {after Midday}). Meridan is to put it simply NOON.


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