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1387Interrogating a witness tree

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  • Brian Morris
    Jun 30, 2004
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      Found this website recently that purports to show witness trees to certain
      Civil War battles. Some I know are correct such as the Baltimore St.
      Sycamores and Locust tree in the Cemetery in Gettysburg but the website also
      makes claims about the White Oaks at the Copse of Trees which I know are not
      old enough to be witness trees.

      For the Antietam Battlefirld they show a picture of the Sycamore that sits
      alongside the Burnside Bridge and then show a picture taken shortly after
      the battle that shows a tree in that same area. OK, I'm not a big tree
      expert here but I've stood next to that tree by the Burnside Bridge and it
      does not strike me as a 140+ year old tree. Just because there was a tree in
      that general location in 1862 doesn't make the one there in 2004 the very
      same tree.

      Is that tree next to the bridge a witness tree or do we have someone jumping
      to conclusions here based off of two trees being in a similar area 140 years

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