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136596th Pa. Marker at Crampton's Gap

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  • tjrhys62
    May 4 7:23 AM
      For Tom Shay et al:

      Yesterday I received a letter from Leo Ward, President of the
      Schuylkill County HS, asking my assistance in planning a 96th Pa.
      marker for erection here at Crampton's Gap. I've long felt that the
      unit heartily deserved one. He will be going through the Crampton's
      Gap website this week to come up to speed.

      This sounds like a project for which you may have input, living as
      near as you do. Leo gave me a warm invite up to Pottsville which Jan
      and I had been planning anyway, weather permitting. Leo, Dick
      Higgins, I and others will undoubtedly put heads together for the
      planning stage. Care to get involved?

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