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1358Re: Gathland - correction

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  • tjrhys62
    May 2, 2004

      Actually it's an Arch, a monument and memorial all rolled into one
      as Gath intended, sort of mixed metaphor. No shrinkling violet,
      Townsend's name appears on it twice.

      Several years back I published an extensive article on the old boy
      in Maryland Historical Magazine entitled "One Man's Battlefield,"
      long out of print. If you'd like I could dig around in the hard
      drive and see if I still have the text. Could send it as an email
      attachment. It's everything you never wanted to know about Gath and
      Gapland, as well the damage he did to the battlefield.

      Last fall the metaphor became further mixed when a bronze plaque was
      unveiled at the park to commemorate journalists who died during the
      recent (ongoing?) Iraq War. A few politicos wanted to make hay at
      the expense of history. I disseminated an editorial rebuttal to the
      event, but in the long run it had no effect. Done deal. I could send
      the editorial also if of any use. Gerry Regan of the Wild Goose
      website aided mightily in getting it out before I got online.

      Another article posing Townsend in battlefield context will appear
      in Catoctin History magazine this June. I maintain a love-hate
      relationship with the Lord of Gapland. Let me know your needs or
      wants. Happy to oblige.


      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, 128thpa@c... wrote:
      > Ooops - that is Correspondents Memorial Arch. I know they didn't
      build a monument to the correspondence of the war - but sometimes I
      think they should. The letters home are often what gets me
      interested in a subject!
      > Paula
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