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  • tjrhys62
    May 2, 2004
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      Rather than lay it all out again here let me direct your attention
      to the Legislation page of the Crampton's Gap website at

      The fictional term "Gathland" has been the bane of CG since the park
      opened in '58. For many years innumerable visitors have asked me why
      it isn't named for the battlefield it embraces. I've been working to
      that end on their behalf.

      Unfortunately SMSB advocates see this as a threat, both historically
      and budgetarily, in their view potentially drawing off funding which
      has yet to appear, keeping in mind that SMSB was cobbled together
      four years ago by usurping a CG initiative.

      If what you read there makes sense, please fell free to use Del.
      Weldon's email address to voice your views. The same goes for anyone
      perplexed by this parade of special-interest nonsense.


      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, 128thpa@c... wrote:
      > <<I hear anything from Delegate Rick Weldon regarding the pending
      > captal improvements plan, or re-naming of Gathland State Park, >>
      > Tim:
      > What is going on with Gathland? Why will it be renamed?
      > Paula
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