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134Re: [TalkAntietam] RE: Jackson, D.H. Hill, and Longstreet

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  • hjs21@aol.com
    May 28, 2001
      In a message dated 5/28/01 10:05:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      teej@... writes:

      Not to insinuate that Pete would fib, but my money would be on Hill's
      account. Evidently it was not unusual for the usually taciturn Jackson
      to share his feelings with his brothers in law

      Of course, Pete may not be fibbing, his recollection may just be faulty.  Or,
      perhaps Jackson appeared to be in favor of the move when Longstreet entered
      the tent, even though Jackson had his own reservations.  Unlike Pete, Jackson
      was not in a position to question Lee's orders...at that time, Lee was still
      not 100% sold on the Blue Light.  At 2BR, Longstreet did present arguments to
      Lee's suggested moves.  So, maybe Jackson DID disagree with the decision, but
      kept his feelings to himself.  In this case, the recollections of both Hill
      and Longstreet could be correct.

      It is indeed curious that, up until Fredericksburg, where Jackson may have
      made this revelation to Hill, their relationship was quite strained...see
      Hill's letters home during this time.  Not to put forward a conspiracy
      theory, but don't you find it a little odd that Jackson took the time to
      PERSONALLY hand write a long document like S. O. 191 and send it to Hill?  At
      a time when I'm sure Jackson must have had a million other things to do?  
      Oliver Stone might stage it thus:

      Sometime in October 1862, Hill makes a call on his brother-in-law:

      "Thomas, I think I may have f***ed up" (remember, this is Hollywood)

      "What now, Harv"

      "I think I lost my copy of Granny's S. O.   You know, the one that was found?"

      "Nice move, dork."

      "Tom, I need to cover my butt.  For the sake of our wives...."

      "Oh, all right, get me a pen."

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