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1311Re: was burnside at fault for antietam???

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  • james2044
    Mar 31, 2004
      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, "david lutton" <dunkerch@c...>
      > The political "windfall " made from this perceived victory by some
      > astute politicians including Lincoln was simply putting on the
      best face on
      > its results. I don't think many at the time considered it a great
      > Mac's primary concern should have been the defeat of the rebel
      army in the
      > field. I simply feel that with the advantages given him during the
      > campaign, a more decisive military outcome could have been
      > expected..

      First all battles are political events and victory or defeat is
      often "perceived".
      Second, the AoNV was unable to continue the invasion of Maryland and
      forced back into Virginia. This was not Lee's plan so I think we
      can say that the was defeated. In which case Mac did complete
      his "primary concern" and defeate the AoNV.
      "More decisive military outcome", as has been pointed out, just
      wasn't a reasonable expectation, not after the Seven Days or after
      Gettysburg. Many people, then and now, had very high expectations
      of the result of a battle and never seemed to get them full filled.

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