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1294Re: was burnside at fault for antietam???

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  • justin_heinzen10
    Mar 28, 2004
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      mcclellan wrote: "..but i think his [burnside] weak mind was
      turned;that he was confused in action; and that subsequently he
      really did not know what had occured."
      mcclellans bias against burnside was also evident after he was
      removed from commander of army of potomac when he stated he gave the
      order for burnside to attack at 8 am instead of 10 am which he had
      previously stated. rodmans presense and walkers march to the middle
      of lee's line makes this a bit of a stretch but it is clear that he
      is trying to shift some of the blame.
      a few political cartoons or army sketches from that time also convey
      burnside as the "bungling blunder" for his actions at antietam.
      it also seems more and more today that mcclellans faulty battle plan
      and misuse of his troops are overlooked and more blame is but on
      burnside. well, you know my views...does that clear my question up?
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