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1271"To Make Men Free"

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  • richcro1862
    Feb 27, 2004
      Hello kindred spirits. I have just found you and am glad I did. As
      a matter of fact I wish I had found you two years ago, when I was
      researching my book on Antietam -- which took me several years to do!

      "To Make Men Free" comes out next week. It is published by
      HarperCollins and the reviews (so far -- knock wood) have been
      GREAT. For those of you who know Ted Alexander, Chief Historian at
      the Antietam NBP...here's what he had to say.

      To Make Men Free is an action-packed novel that rivals The Killer
      Angels. Richard Croker has given new life to the epic story of the
      Maryland Campaign and the Battle of Antietam. His excellent narrative
      will make you think you are in the battle. This is historical fiction
      at its best!

      Yes, it's what I call a "literary reenactment." It's UN-fiction.
      There are no ficticious characters or events in TMMF and the history
      is as accurate as I could make it. I hope it will garner
      more "kindred spirits" and teach Americans who have never heard of
      Antietam how important a day that was. I tell people that Antietam
      belongs on the same list with Bunker Hill, Gettysburg and D-Day, and
      yet so many EDUCATED Americans don't know a thing about it.

      Go to rcroker.com for more and Amazon.com has posted the Publisher's
      Weekly review which also compares it favorabley with The Killer
      Angels (a gigantic compliment for me).

      Anyway -- pardon this shamless plug and I hope to become a regular
      member here.

      Check it out -- pick up a copy -- and let me know what you think.
      And I'm prepared to stay here until the sun goes down or victory is

      Richard Croker
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