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1269New Book Featuring Futuristic Civil War

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  • crazyboutstars
    Feb 27, 2004
      The following excerpt is from the new book, The Symposium of
      Justice. It can be found at www.cliffhangernow.com

      The Civil War of the future, planning to regain control of
      Washington D.C.

      The General paused and looked at us, then he looked out through
      the window at the Skycars on the flight line. He watched Dottie and
      her crew frantically preparing the vehicles. "I know you boys are
      too young to care how it all started, and I won't bore you, but it's
      important to remember why we are doing this. Why this has to
      happen. All I can say is that in the beginning, the UN was our
      friend. The US was their most powerful supporter. We'd scurry
      around the globe solving UN problems wherever they turned up.
      "Well, as it's happened all through history, corruption seeped
      in and took over. The corruption of The System was led by a
      powerful group of lawyers, politicians, bankers and heavy hitting
      consumer agencies. We all knew what was happening politically. It
      started with the taxation of the Internet. First it was sales tax
      issues, and then it was individual web sites. Since the Internet
      was global, the only government agency that could police it was the
      UN. Once the tax revenue started rolling in, that's when the power
      hungry fell from grace. A whole new tax base was created and since
      most economies built themselves around e-commerce, they had no
      choice but to pay the taxes. It didn't take long for the UN to
      become abusive after that. Money will do that to anybody, whether
      it be a person or a nation, or a league of nations. It was only a
      matter of time before the rest of the United States fell under UN
      control, which in turn was under the influence of The System.
      Representatives in the House, the Senate, as well as the President
      were all in bed with The System. That's what led to the divisions
      of the country that we have today. When any government agency
      controls that kind of revenue, they dictate what is important
      politically, and the United States was no longer the richest.
      That's when our industry came under fire.
      "The reason, as the President put it, was that the manufacturing
      states in the Midwest refused to comply with the unreasonable UN
      pollution standards. That was the excuse they gave us. We all knew
      the real reason was that the drug cartels of the undeveloped
      countries wanted those jobs so they could embezzle their drug money
      through legitimate businesses; all the while, paying dirt cheap
      labor and increasing their profits. This was necessary because the
      UN insisted on a clean image for their New World Order. Political
      officials liked the bribes involved with the cartels, so everyone
      needed a way to hide all the money that was generated illegally.
      "American manufacturing companies felt it was unfair for them to
      incur such high costs to manufacture pollution-free, when
      undeveloped countries didn't have to manufacture at the same
      "This led to a huge division politically, and the US Government
      seemed to lean towards the UN. It all came down when the boundaries
      were set up to isolate the American Midwest from the rest of the
      country. The hope was to choke off supplies, keep the trucks from
      transporting goods and services, and eliminate the ability to
      distribute manufactured goods. Air travel was also restricted to
      tourism only. This was to allow dissidents to escape from the
      economically impoverished area, and force those businesses to
      relocate to the third world countries. The UN sees it as economic
      balance by taking from us, and giving it to them so we can all be
      "Now, as all of you know, if you sign your allegiance to the UN,
      and get your border chip implant, you can supposedly have
      unrestricted travel all over the United States, as you always have.
      This is incorrect. By doing so, Americans are giving away the last
      bit of their freedom. They'll know where you are, what you're
      doing, and how fast your heart is beating while you're doing it.
      "Our job is to keep Americans from falling into this trap. We
      have to first give them hope, so they'll stop allowing the UN to
      install chips in them. And second, we have to give them hope that
      the mighty UN isn't all-powerful, and that we can be free and
      unified as a nation again!"
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