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1229Widow Shackleford

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  • antietam111
    Jan 30, 2004
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      Greetings to all!

      I'm hoping the collective wisom here can help me find some
      information on this dear woman.

      Mrs. Margaret Shackleford was a widow with 2 children living in
      Sharpsburg at the time of the battle. Unfortunately, her little
      house on Antietam Street did not survive the battle. It was
      destroyed by artillery during the battle. One source says the day
      before, on the 16th. Luckily, she was able to rebuild a house on the
      same site and lived there until her death in 1889. I currently reside
      in that house and would like very much to hear from anyone else who
      has an additional incident on this woman or the incident in which her
      house went bomb! (so to speak).

      I have seen several references to the event (too afraid to cry,
      Schaff's History of Western MD, newspaper, etc.)but nothing with more
      detail. A trip to the National Archives for a possible claim for
      damages resulted in an empty folder! So, I am somewhat at a loss on
      where to turn next.

      Has anyone seen or heard any additional news on this incident?

      Thank you!

      Mary Stevanus
      Sharpsburg, MD
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