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  • Brian Downey
    Oct 10, 2003
      Greetings listers,

      I've been re-reading and posting lots of Antietam reports from the ORs
      lately (http://aotw.org/exhibit.php?exhibit_id=OR_index), and have
      been struck especially by a few. The text quoted below, written in
      October 1862, really gets to me - mostly because it looks at first
      glance to be typical 19th Century melodrama, but actually may be
      indicative of much more ...

      "In the beginning of the month of September the safety of the National
      Capital was seriously endangered by the presence of a victorious
      enemy, who soon after crossed into Maryland and then directly
      threatened Washington and Baltimore, while they occupied the soil of a
      loyal State and threatened an invasion of Pennsylvania."

      "The army of the Union, inferior in numbers, wearied by long marches,
      deficient in various supplies, worn out by numerous battles, the last
      of which had not been successful, first covered by its movements the
      important cities of Washington and Baltimore, then boldly attacked the
      victorious enemy in their chosen strong position and drove them back,
      with all their superiority of numbers, into the State of Virginia,
      thus saving the loyal States from invasion and rudely dispelling the
      rebel dreams of carrying the war into our country and subsisting upon
      our resources."

      "Thirteen guns and thirty-nine colors, more than 15,000 stand of
      small-arms, and more than 6,000 prisoners were the trophies which
      attest the success of our arms."

      What do you think of it?

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