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1163Sharpsooters at Antietam: Colonel Henry A. V. Post

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  • Brian Downey
    Aug 12, 2003
      Hi Group,

      I know there's some expertise on this subject out there. My question
      ought to be easy :) - does anybody have any reliable biographic data
      or Antietam combat information about Colonel Henry Post of the 2nd USSS?

      Of course, Berdan is the name everyone thinks of first with
      Sharpsooters, and this is probably justified, so there's a fair amount
      of material available about him and ACW sharpshooting in general.
      More obscure, apparently, is Colonel Post, listed in the Order of
      Battle as the CO of the 2nd USSS at Antietam, but I know nothing about
      him and what his role might have been in the battle.

      He's not listed in Heitman's or Appletons's - two sources I can
      usually count on for a starting point, at least. Any info or leads