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  • Brian Downey
    Aug 7, 2003
      Greetings fellow listers. It sure is quiet :)

      I have a couple of items, if you're interested. I've been in a kind of
      hibernation, consumed by my day job for a couple of years, but I've
      got some of my life back for the moment ... so I'll just jump on in.

      First, I'd really like to read Dr Clemens' edited Carman
      manuscript(s), if available. I just don't know where to obtain it.
      Is this work 'published' in the public sense? I'd be most tickled to
      buy a copy, if possible. Anybody know? I live relatively close to
      GMU, if a visit there would be effective.

      On a related note, I have been delighting in the Carman-Cope maps of
      the Battlefield at Antietam - the Atlas. The Library of Congress has
      put them online, along with some pretty sophisticated viewing
      software. The maps are very large (digitally speaking), but just
      magnificently reproduced. I recommend a vist, if you haven't already
      seen them, to:

      Because of the large scale of the maps, and the fine-grain detail,
      they're impossible to see all at once on one computer screen, at least
      at a legible magnification. So, I'm beginning work on versions of
      these maps optimized for the Web using these LoC digital images with
      symbols overlayed, and eventually interactively linked to more
      information about units, individuals, etc. At my present rate,
      though, this might take months or even years. For other computer geeks
      out there, I'm learning a bit about Flash, which looks promising for
      this project.

      Which brings me to some shameless promotion - I've had a website about
      the battle going for some years, called Antietam on the Web (AotW),
      but it's never been as complete or thorough or interesting or useful
      as I'd like. I've recently found a new home/server, and done some
      database and web programming to better present information I do have
      assembled. I invite you to come take a look at http://aotw.org

      And ... if anyone has the time and inclination, I'm looking for help
      in continuing to build and refine the AotW website in a number of ways
      - actually hoping to build a communitiy of fellow enthusiasts who have
      things to say about the Battle. I'll never be able to do it justice
      alone. I've built some simple web tools members can use to contribute
      directly on the site, online.

      AotW is an outlet and focus for my passion for the History, and is
      strictly non-commercial. No fees, no advertising, no marketing, no
      hidden agendae. I hope this doesn't look like spam!

      Anyway, it's good to be back, and I look forward to hearing from you
      all. Thanks!

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