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1149RE: What About a Movie Just on Antietam?

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  • teej@nc.rr.com
    May 29, 2003
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      Bill Christen wrote:


      I agree with you that there is enough "true" history and emotion in the
      Campaign to make several movies...just find a better storyteller.

      Or even if someone wanted to do a movie just on the life of Jackson they
      would be hard put to find a more interesting or dynamic subject.

      Two things Maxwell should have included in Gods and Generals were the
      Angel of Marye's Heights in the Fredericksburg sequence and the animals in
      the forest being driven by Jackson's men just before they hit the 11th
      Corps camp at Chancellorsville. Perhaps they seemed "too Hollywood" for
      him. Instead he opted for that dopey scene of the silent exchange on the
      Rappahannock and Chamberlin's endless speech before the attack on

      > Can you give any more info on this magnum opus that's being bounced
      > around???

      The longer version of the Antietam documentary is being transferred from
      tape to
      DVD (or some such format) and the final product has been delayed. The last I
      heard was that it should be completed before the end of the year.

      The last I heard was the DVD of the movie just as it was in the theatres
      would be released in July and that there would be no long version which
      would include the Antietam scenes forthcoming at all.


      Bill Christen

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