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1148Re: What about a movie just on Antietam?

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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    May 29, 2003
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      > From: "Willie Wonka" <corsair28@...>

      > ...I don't think it can be a slave to detail like G&G though...


      Disregarding the apples, the fact that _Silent Night_ was not popular in America
      as a "sing at home" carol, that none of the text on the building signs had "."'s
      after the phrases, none of the actresses had correct hair styles or clothing, or
      the room at Guinea Station was not represented correctly...Mawell claimed to be
      making "the most accurate movie." The above details would cost very little in
      production time or cost. His movie was so badly told (or edited) that even the
      best intentions would not save it. Despite a host of other inaccuracies, the
      basic fact is that Maxwell did not present a good cinematic story. Part of the
      problem was that the book was no _Killer Angels_!

      I recently heard of a "formula" for a successful movie based on a study of past
      movies. I do not recall the exact percentages, but it stated that there should be
      A% mystery, X % action, Y % humor, Z % romance, B % music or something to that
      effect. My guess is that Maxwell missed all the required figures.

      I agree with you that there is enough "true" history and emotion in the Maryland
      Campaign to make several movies...just find a better storyteller.

      > Can you give any more info on this magnum opus that's being bounced
      > around???

      The longer version of the Antietam documentary is being transferred from tape to
      DVD (or some such format) and the final product has been delayed. The last I
      heard was that it should be completed before the end of the year.

      Bill Christen
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