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1147RE: [TalkAntietam] Re: What about a movie just on Antietam?

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  • Rawlings, Kevin
    May 29, 2003

      There is at this time no major movie on line except Cold Mountain (due near
      Christmas) that will carry a Civil War story that I know of. With the
      failure of Gods & General at the box office, I seriously doubt we will see
      another Civil War movie for awhile. Last Full Measure sounds dead at the
      moment. Let's hope Cold Mountain is well done and does good box office.
      There was another movie done by Lion's Gate called Wicked Spring. It was
      directed by Kevin Hershberger but all the big plans for its release last
      year came to naught. All the clips of the movie I saw were excellent but it
      has disappeared out of sight.

      It would be nice if someone of Speilburg's or Tom Hank's caliber of
      directing and producing would do a Saving Private Ryan of Band of Brothers
      type movie or series following say a cast of characters of the Stonewall
      Brigade and the Iron Brigade through the war with the effects of the war on
      the people as well as the regiment as a whole. By the end of the war the
      Stonewall Brigade little resembled the nadir of its reputation from late
      1862 to early 63. But I think there would be some emotional attraction
      watching its story line as the brigade dissolved through the war from
      attrition in battle and decline in leadership during the last years of the
      war. Attention to the horrific and gory detail of battle(s) like it was in
      Band of Brothers should be a must. Maybe a Western Theater Band of Brothers
      so we are not so Easterncentric following say, Patrick Cleburne and his
      brigades and Union counterpart. Last part of the series to cover their
      reintroduction home and part of society again. It would have to be gritty
      and unsentimental. Be nice but I don't think anything is in the cards.

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