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1146Re: What about a movie just on Antietam?

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  • Willie Wonka
    May 29, 2003
      I own a copy of the 1 hour documentary that they've shown at the
      Visitor's Center and was impressed with the video for what it was (and
      even used it in class a couple of times). I did not expect Hollywood
      whiz-bang stuff, but I especially enjoyed the use of re-enactors and
      the computer imagery showing the movement of certain regiments. Some
      of the shots of the experts walking around the park was a bit slow,
      dragging the momentum of the piece, but I thought the narration of
      JEJones really topped it off.

      However, that's not what I am talking about. I am thinking along the
      lines more of a Hollywood style movie, well written and directed in
      the style of Saving Private Ryan or Glory, with an attention to
      detail. I don't think it can be a slave to detail like G&G though
      because sometimes the langauge weighed it down. And after reading
      some of the criticism of the movie in the Civil War News (for
      instance, a horticulturist had written a letter criticisizing the
      improper usage of apples on the table in the Xmas scene - give me a
      break!), it seems Maxwell got caught up in the spirit of accuracy and
      forgot how to tell a good story - something Shaara didn't forget.

      Those are my thoughts. Sorry I hadn't expressed them more clearly.
      Can you give any more info on this magnum opus that's being bounced

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      > > From: "Willie Wonka" <corsair28@y...>
      > >
      > > I'm thinking a movie needs to be made about Antietam.
      > Have you seen _Antietam...a Documentary" (by Media Magic) that is
      shown at
      > the parks Visitor center every day at noon? There is stall hope that a
      > four-hour version of this film will see the light of day by the end
      of the
      > year. Even the one hour version hits on many of the topics you
      mentioned. It
      > is available at the VC book store.
      > Bill Christen
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