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1145OT: Question for West Pointers

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  • Burkhard Schulze
    May 19, 2003
      Hello Everybody,

      and first of all sorry for cross posting this but I know that there are
      people who were at West Point on these listand maybe one of them can
      help me!

      My wargames club wants to prepare a WW II skirmish for a convention next
      year. It is meant to depict the action of the US Airbornes Easy Company
      (the one from Band of Brothers) in destroying the German guns at
      Brecourt Manor. I know that this is still thaught at West Point. What I
      am looking for is the textbook material from West Point. If anyone of
      you still has the book this is in and would be willing to send me a copy
      of the relevant pages (either by eail or snail mail it would be greatly
      appreciated. Please contact me off the list(s).

      Again sorry for posting this OT and for crossposting this.



      "For one mans nightmare is another mans dream!"

      Bryan Adams / heat of the night