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1140Re: [TalkAntietam] meaning of word "antietam"

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  • TR Livesey
    Apr 24, 2003
      "There is a stream running through Washington County,
      Maryland, from the Pennsylvania line to the Potomac
      River, whose name will be famous as long as America
      endures, the placid Antietam.

      "It has been impossible to trace the meaning of its name,
      but tradition says tat it is of Indian origin. It is probably
      the name of an Indian chief, and in early times its musical
      syllables were spelled in various ways. We find it written
      "Anteatem," and oftener yet in the rather cannibalistic
      form of "Anti-Etem." It is a beautiful, wide stream,
      meandering slowly through a country of great beauty and
      interest. Sycamores lean their dappled trunks across it,
      and water willows mark its course with soft masses of
      grayish foliage while they hide it from view. A tangle of
      blackberries and wild roses, of papaws and hazel bushes,
      of elder and poisonous ivy, fringes its banks. Its waters
      are not sparkling; they often carry a large amount of muddy
      matter which gives the stream a thick and turgid appearance,
      and after heavy rains it will carry this earthy charge for
      days. But it is peacefully beautiful, and flows through one
      of the richest farming lands in America.

      - from "The Antietam and its Bridges" by Helen Ashe Hays, 1910


      Brian Downey wrote:
      > Hi folks,
      > I got some great help from you all a few years back on this question,
      > but I can't get into my email archives. Please pick your brains and
      > help we on this will you?
      > I had an email correspondant ask the source of the word 'antietam'. I
      > remember it being a local Indian word, perhaps describing the
      > characteristics of the creek it names.
      > Anybody?
      > THanks,
      > Brian
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