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  • NJ Rebel
    Feb 9, 2003

      To add some thoughts to Ollie G's kind post, G and G is most
      definitely NOT a movie in the lines of Gettysburg.

      Let us all hope the general public who may go to see G and G
      will be spurred and motivated to look into the Civil War in
      all its complexities much as Gettysburg of ten years ago
      spurred many others. Let us also hope that G and G will
      re-ignite interest in many other Americans much like
      Gettysburg (which followed somewhat shortly after Ken Burns'
      Civil War series, IIRC), which certainly not only re-ignited
      my own interest in the ACW but spurred me on to different
      levels of involvement. Today, thanks to the Burns series and
      Gettysburg I am a living historian of the Civil War, an
      amateur Civil War historian, a writer of a column on a Civil
      War website and working on a historical fiction novel based
      on the Maryland Campaign of 1862. Not too shabby a result
      for a miniseries and a movie!

      Finally, I hope G and G will help us to remember and honor
      the memories of the common soldiers of the Civil War...for G
      and G is as much their story as it is the stories of Lee,
      Jackson, Hancock and Chamberlain.

      Very respectfully,
      Your humble and obdt. servant,
      G. E. (Gerry) Mayers,
      Nelson's Signal Company,
      Longstreet's Corps

      A Proud American by Birth, Southern by Choice!

      "I know of no fitter resting-place for a soldier than the
      field on which he has nobly laid down his
      ." --General Robert Edward Lee

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