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1110Re: [TalkAntietam] Hartwig's talk on Iron Brigade

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  • rotbaron@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2003
      In a message dated 02/05/2003 9:24:00 PM EST, clemens@... writes:
      << Scott is indeed writing a multi-volume work on the Maryland Campaign and
      some of the Eastern PA folks have read drafts. >>

      Great news to hear!

      As time permits, I'll post some additional notes from Scott's recent talk.

      The Iron Brigade brigade advanced in Closed Columns By Division at about 4:45
      AM as the first streaks of daylight appeared. He stated the corn was 7-8 feet
      high. As the men began their firefight at south end of the Cornfield, Union
      artillery (from across creek) began falling short and caused the 6 WI plenty
      of casualties

      One part of the talk that I found interesting was his details on the
      deployment and advance of the Iron Brigade's skirmish line. The skirimish
      line was divided into two sections.He criticized the section that was
      commanded by a Captain Hoo (Scott pronounced it 'hoo' so my spelling is
      likely way off). He noted that this section failed to aggressively advance
      and it's poor performance stood out in comparison with the rest of the
      Brigade's men.

      The other skirmish section (under Captain Kellogg) did outstanding work.
      After the Cornfield fight and Hood's attack, the remnants of Iron Brigade
      rallied to the north. Kellogg pulled together a bunch of stragglers.
      Doubleday (division commander) rode up and asked what regiment this was.
      Kellogg replied that it was men of several regiments. When Doubleday
      commended what he assumed were men of Wisconsin; Kellogg corrected him and
      stated these are not Wisconsin men, as Wisconsin men never run.

      Scott noted the quality of men in the Iron Brigade can be seen in the
      extremely low number of men missing just four weeks after Antietam.

      Tom Shay
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