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1085Re: 51st GA (Drayton's Brigade)

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  • Scott Mingus <scottmingus@yahoo.com>
    Dec 13, 2002
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      William Slaughter's picture appears at

      However, I find no record that the man was with the regiment at

      Part of the reason I asked is that on one of my Gettysburg message
      boards, we had a debate a while back regarding Ed Ball and whether or
      not he commanded the 51st at Gettysburg. Apparently this particular
      regiment did not keep detailed records. Ball appears to have missed
      Gettysburg (then serving as Colonel after Slaughter's death) but
      rejoined the regiment later that summer. In researching the history
      of this regiment as part of the Gettysburg controversy, I found that
      Slaughter does not appear on any OOB, and is not listed in the OR as
      being in command during the Maryland Campaign.

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