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1083Re: [TalkAntietam] 51st GA (Drayton's Brigade)

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  • Tom Clemens
    Dec 12, 2002
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      Curt Johnson wrote:

      >Tony, Scott,
      >Makes sense to me after running-down all the field officers of the 51st
      >listed by Krick. Slaughter was MWIA at Chancellorsville. A check of
      >Carman's OB may prove definitive.
      Neither Carman nor Joe Harsh in Sounding the Shalllows provide a name.
      If Slaughter was there one would think he would ne named, but maybe not.

      BTW, Brian Pohanka and I will be on C-Span Monday night 8 - 10 talking
      about Antietam, both the recent reenactment and the actual battle. They
      will air footage, which I have not seen, and have a live call-in
      session. I doubt anything profound will be said, but if you are bored ...

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