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1052South Mountain wargame

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  • Scott Mingus
    Nov 7, 2002
      If anyone is interested, this weekend I will be presenting two public
      miniature wargames based upon the fighting at South Mountain. These
      games are FREE to the viewing public, and will be a part of the very
      large Fall-In 2002 convention of wargamers at the Lancaster Host
      Resort on route 30 in Lancaster PA.

      Game #1 will be Friday night at 6PM. It will recreate Cox's attack on
      Fox's Gap led by Rutherford B. Hayes and the 23rd OVI and others.
      This is a game orginally presented at the Hayes museum in Fremont OH
      in early October. The game will be in 15mm scale using Johnny RebIII
      as the rules set.

      Game #2 will be Saturday afternoon at 2PM. This will be a follow-up
      game with the afternoon and evening action at Fox's Gap as Reno led
      forward the rest of IX Corps while parts of 5 Rebel brigades tried to
      hold the gap.

      Both games are excerpted from the manuscript for my upcoming
      wargaming book, "Undying Courage: The Maryland Campaign in
      Miniature." This work is the third in a series of full-color
      wargaming booklets. Volume 1 of the series, "Enduring Valor:
      Gettysburg in Miniature" is now in print and for sale at Gettysburg
      shops including Greystone's and others. Volume 2 is due out in

      If anyone is interested in learning a little more about miniature
      wargaming, feel free to stop by the Lancaster Host and watch the
      South Mountain games, and introduce yourself as a member of the
      TalkAntietam board.

      And to those of you from this group who has so very graciously
      offered advice, constructive criticism of the draft scenarios, and
      suggestions, THANK YOU very much!


      Scott Mingus
      Gettysburg - York Gamers
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