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1034Re: [TalkAntietam] Youngest and Oldest Casualties

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  • NJ Rebel
    Oct 15, 2002

      Thanks for your help...would appreciate your checking notes asap.

      Actually, I wanted to know youngest and oldest for all the
      categories...including for the CSA if you have that

      Your humble servant,
      Gerry Mayers
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      Longstreet's Corps

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      Edward Lee

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      said by Stephen Lang, September 14, 2002
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      > In a message dated 10/14/2002 9:24:53 PM EST,
      gerry1952@... writes:
      > << Where there not two brothers, immigrants from Germany, who
      both died in
      > the area of The Cornfield...who were actually in their
      > sixties? But who had enlisted as being in their early forties?
      Maybe Tom
      > Shay can help with that one............ >>
      > I recall the name as being something like "Gleisen". I know I
      have a note on
      > it somewhere and shall look for it.
      > The interest in their story was due to their lying about their
      ages, giving
      > ages much younger than they actually were.
      > As to their fate at Antietam, I need to check my notes.
      > Their story was mentioned by Keith Snyder during tour, so I can
      also check my
      > videotape.
      > Gerry, does your question about oldest/youngest casualties
      refer to only KIA?
      > Tom Shay - heading to Gettysburg on Friday
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