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1025Santa coming to Harrisburg

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  • rotbaron@aol.com
    Oct 10, 2002
      According to National Civil War Museum's <A
      HREF="http://www.nationalcivilwarmuseum.org/">website</A>, our own Santa
      Claus (aka Kevin Rawlings) will be visiting Harrisburg during the holidays.

      November 29-30, 2002 (Friday and Saturday) CIVIL WAR SANTA "TOYS FOR TOTS"
      Kevin Rawlings, author of We Were Marching On Christmas Day, will appear as
      the "Patriotic Santa Claus" depicted by Thomas Nast in 1862. Come and
      see our beautifully decorated rotunda, listen to period carols, and put a toy
      under our Christmas tree for the U.S. Marine Corps´’ "Toys For Tots" program.

      December 20, 2002 (Friday) A VISIT FROM SAINT NICK
      Kevin Rawlings returns as the Civil War Santa Claus to spread the joy of the
      Christmas season. Learn how Santa Clause developed during the Civil War into
      the jolly old elf we all recognize today

      Website is: http://www.nationalcivilwarmuseum.org/

      Check their schedule, as they have plenty of upcoming events.

      Tom Shay
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