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1007Former missile silo to become a park

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  • Andy Mills
    Sep 27, 2002
      OK Guys: I know this isn't Civil War related, but since a lot of
      the people on this list are historical buffs, I thought maybe some
      people might find it interesting and would benefit from it.


      WALL, South Dakota (AP) -- For nearly three decades, an 80-foot
      hole dubbed Delta Nine played a vital role in the nation's

      The underground concrete silo on the edge of Badlands National
      Park held a Minuteman II missile that could deliver a nuclear
      weapon to a Soviet target in 30 minutes or less.

      After the Soviet Union's demise and the signing of a 1991 arms
      reduction treaty with Russia, the missile program was scrapped.
      Now the silo, never used for war, is being used to educate.

      The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site eventually will tell
      the story of the Cold War and the nuclear weapons that were never

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