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1Welcome to "Let's Talk Antietam"

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  • Brian Downey
    Apr 24, 2001

      I've created this group to fill something of a void out there - a
      place dedicated to reasoned discussion about the events of the
      Maryland Campaign of September 1862.

      Please feel free to open a discussion topic, ask a question, post an
      opinion, etc. It'll be boring without you!

      Please know that this is not meant as a 'gossip' board or chat room,
      and is not the place for very much off-topic discussion. Please use
      private email, a telephone, or snail-mail for that.

      In my years on the net I've seen some great discussions and important
      debate - that's been great. I've also had to wade through gallons of
      drivel to get to it - not so great.

      So, if you too are looking for a fresh start ... let's talk Antietam.