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You're Invited: Sustainable Tahlequah - Potluck Dinner & Film

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  • Julie Gahn
    Please forward widely! Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Sustainable Tahlequah Potluck Dinner & Film September 25,2009 6:00pm - 9:00pm A small
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      Please forward widely!

      Sustainable Tahlequah
      Potluck Dinner & Film
      September 25,2009
      6:00pm - 9:00pm
      A small group of people have been meeting to discuss the opportunity to create a Tahlequah chapter of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN).

      To continue that discussion and to begin getting to know others interested in co-creating and participating in this new chapter, we have scheduled a series of getting-to-know-you events over the fall and winter. Interested persons are encouraged to attend any or all events. 

      You are cordially invited to our first event on Friday, September 25th at the Tahlequah Public Library, 120 S. College. A potluck dinner will begin at 6:00 pm. followed by the documentary film, Fresh, beginning at 7:00. A brief discussion will follow.
      Fresh is a documentary directed by Ana Sofia Joanes that explores the environmental and ethical issues related to industrialized food systems. Disaster, devastation, destruction: Those are the none too cheerful themes of many environmental movies. While the fear factor has its purpose, we don't think it motivates people nearly as much as the power of possibility. In short there's been a conspicuous lack of optimism on our screens and acknowledgment of all the amazing work that's going on to create positive change. But now,  Fresh has come along to fill that void. Here's a film that revels in the joy of growing good food sustainably.

      Please bring a potluck dish to share with others (including serving utensils), preferably using locally grown foods, and dinnerware for your family. Drinks will be provided.

      Other events will be held on October 24th, December 4th, and January 23rd. Details will be announced on our website & email list.

      If you have special talents to contribute, please volunteer!

      We look forward to meeting you!

      Questions? You may contact Leslie at 772-6150

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