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Fw: [SustainableTahlequah] Reminder: Fruit Trees for Tahlequah - November 13

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  • Julie Gahn
    Hello Tahlequah Community Gardeners! We have been offered the opportunity to receive some fruit trees as part of this grant.  I will be at the training
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2010
    Hello Tahlequah Community Gardeners!
    We have been offered the opportunity to receive some fruit trees as part of this grant.  I will be at the training November 13th.
    It would be great to see one or more of you there if you can make it!
    In the near future I'll propose a meeting so that we can decide how to operate/coordinate all of our gardening efforts next year.
    Julie Gahn
    Coordinator, Tahlequah Community Garden
    Liaison, First Lutheran Church & Tahlequah Farmer's Market
    Member, Sustainable Tahlequah

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    Oklahoma Sustainability Network

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    I thought I'd send another reminder about this event since it is coming up next Saturday (Nov. 13). There is an attached flyer.  If folks could print off a copy and take one to your place of employment or your favorite coffeeshop or your church, that would be very helpful in getting the word out!  I've also attached a black & white version this time, too, if that's easier for you to print.

    Fruit Trees for Tahlequah





    Fruit tree planting & pruning needn’t be complicated or confusing. Come learn about fruit trees that will be planted in Tahlequah’s parks and publicly accessible spaces and learn techniques for your own backyard orchard.


    Families today have less space for fruit trees, less time to take care of them and less time to process or preserve large crops than in the past. Accordingly, today's family orchards should be planned and managed differently. The objective of Backyard Orchard Culture is the prolonged harvest of tree-ripe fruit from a small space. This means planting close together several or many fruit varieties that ripen at different times, and keeping the trees small by summer pruning.


    At this seminar, LeeAnn Barton of Dave Wilson Nursery will teach you many important aspects of home orchards to help you have success with fruit in your own backyard.  Come learn about varieties, pollinators, planting guidelines and Backyard Orchard Culture techniques.


    For more information, contact Julie Gahn at (918) 207-9107


    Saturday, November 13th  4  3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Northeastern State University, Optometry Auditorium

    1001 N Grand Ave, Tahlequah


    Sponsored by Sustainable Tahlequah - www.SustainableTahlequah.org

    Made possible by a grant from the Cherokee Nation

    Hosted by Northeastern State University

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