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70822Re: [TYPEWRITERS] underwood 5

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  • Bill MacLane
    Dec 31, 2017
      Congratulations on your successful repair Rob & Happy New Year!

      On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 11:31 AM, Robert Simons simons-r@... [TYPEWRITERS] <TYPEWRITERS@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Thanks all for the advice. I have finally got the line feed to work, it turns out that the pawl that moves the platen, was in the wrong position. It had fallen forward when we removed the carriage. So it was riding in the wrong place. I took the lever off and could make the clearance enough to move the pawl up on the lever which chooses the number of lines. 



      Then I was trying to make the tab button function. I finally found the tab which moves the carriage free of the gear, so it can slide to the Tabular setting(s). The tab required some bending to get it to interact with the roller which lifts the carriage off the gear.


      Now, my Underwood #5 c. 1908… is typing again. It is really a nice machine.


      Thanks again for helping me.


      Rob Simons



      From: Richard Knoppow 1oldlens1@... [TYPEWRITERS]
      Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2017 10:51 PM
      To: TYPEWRITERS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [TYPEWRITERS] underwood 5


          Congratulations on fixing the carriage. I think by batten you mean

      platen. The long lever on the left is the carriage return and line feed

      lever. It is adjustable. See p.51 of the Ames  1945 training manual for

      a drawing. This is about the same on all Underwood machines from before

      the Model 5 until late production. There are three adjustments: Two are

      in the form of the rubber stop studs that limit the range of movement of

      the lever. Both sides have eccentric studs under the rubber washers.

      They are held by nuts under the carriage. The third adjustment is a

      centering adjustment for the lever itself. The lever is held onto an

      eccentric shaft by a shoulder screw. The eccentric shaft is held in

      place by a nut and lock washer under the carriage. If the eccentric is

      not correctly adjusted or if the left hand stop is not correct the

      return lever will not move enough to engage the ratchet lever of the

      pawl that turns the platen. I had this problem on my No.6, which is

      identical in this section to the No.5 and a small adjustment fixed it.

      Sounds more complicated than it is.


      On 12/21/2017 6:40 PM, Robert Simons simons-r@...

      [TYPEWRITERS] wrote:



      > Hey all you guys / gals who answered… I got the carriage to move, it was

      > lubing and cleaning the gear and pawls that stop it going backwards, and

      > is the winder for the ribbon. That cleaning made it function.  Now I am

      > fighting the mechanism that moves the paper up one, two, or three lines.


      > 1^st off, the top lever won’t move to 1, just 2 or 3 lines.


      > 2^nd the lever to catch with your left hand to move the batten up

      > doesn’t catch the gear that moves the batten.


      > It seems the pawl that moves the gear is impeding the movement of the

      > lever to choose number of lines. If I remove the lever that you push

      > with your left hand, the piece the lever pushes against can move out far

      > enough that the lever can then choose 1,2,or 3 lines. But it moves it

      > back one space if I re attach the return lever.


      > I have the books but don’t see the same mechanism I have the one is

      > close but not the same. I am really baffled as to what has moved, and

      > where it should be.


      > Thanks for your insights, it has been very helpful.


      > Rob Simons

      Richard Knoppow





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