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70789advancing issue on an Underwood #5 201931

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  • Robert Simons
    Dec 11, 2017

      I have an Underwood Standard #5 and it is older than most I see posted elsewhere. The issue is the platen won’t move left, the mainspring is fine and has enough tension, the strap is still connected to the platen. When we removed the platen assembly, we saw the ‘gears’ that work to move the platen. The large gear seems to have a planetary gear inside that lets the small gear free wheel to the right, but by the mainspring it makes the large gear allow one space at a time.  This unit has no backspace button or lever. The large gear has a bent pin with a spring attached that goes to an arm. Back, nearly out of sight on the left of the large gear is an arm that lays nearly parallel to the platen, and it has a second arm the same size and is captured near the gear. It can move freely some, but it seem like it is missing a spring, but I don’t know where it should be anchored.



      I cannot take pictures at the moment, I hope someone with an old #5 might know right off what I need to do.


      Thanks for your attention,


      Rob Simons

      New to the group.

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