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70576Re: [TYPEWRITERS] Re: Remington Travel-Riter

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  • David Born
    Aug 21
      Thank you.  I will check tomorrow.  Spent the day with my 11 year old....looking for a cloud-free hole so we could see the eclipse.  Drove around 350 miles....
      Nothing bit clouds.....

      David Born

      On Mon, Aug 21, 2017, at 12:33 PM, barry.fielden@... [TYPEWRITERS] wrote:

      Hello again David, there could be several reasons for your problem. Firstly it may be that the carriage rack is not deep enough in mesh with the pinion wheel. To check this with the carriage against the right margin pull the carriage A very short distance then quickly push in reverse, do this several times till carriage reaches the left hand margin. If the rack is incorrectly set you would get skipping probably every time.

      Let me know the result and we can proceed further

      Kind regards.....Barry

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