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Re: TTn3 standards

Hey Tom, I'm going with a scale 30" coupler height to match NZR prototypes and it's pretty close to N standard gauge and is close enough to Colorado narrow
Buck Highberger
Oct 22, 2016

Re: TTn3 standards

All, Andy was the only one who responded to this. Perhaps I could here from others? 1. What couplers do you use? 2. What height do you mount them at? 3. What
Oct 22, 2016

Re: TTn3 standards

Tom-I can only speak for myself. I doubt that there are any published standards. For my cars I simply use the scale height of the coupler boxes based on the
Andy Carlson
Dec 11, 2015

TTn3 standards

What standards are used by modelers in this group? Specifically, I see that coupler heights for N and TTn3 are different in S-2. What coupler moutning height
Thomas Knapp
Dec 11, 2015

TT scale brass model T kits

Currently on Ebay are 3 Tel's Novel T etched brass N scale kits. Search "brass Tels Novell T' in Ebay search. Currently no bids on a $5.99 opening bid. I
Andy Carlson
Dec 9, 2014

Source for thin-walled tubing

I wish to share with everyone a source for thin-wall tubing. Though now old TV sets and other appliances with rabbit ear antennas are getting scarce, those
Andy Carlson
Oct 11, 2014

Re: Converting an N Athearn 2-6-0= PC #3 4-4-0

Thanks for posting these dimensions. I've been looking at this engine as a possible starting point for a Prince Edward Island Railway 4-4-0. Our 4-4-0's were
May 31, 2014

PCR-NMRA in San Luis Obispo

Guys, I didn't see any TTn3 at the recent PCR-NMRA annual convention in SLO. I had my model of the PCRy's San Luis Obispo facilities set up in the Sand's lobby
Thomas Knapp
May 13, 2014

Re: TT at the NMRA Pacific Coast Region-Coast Division meeting.....

... Thanks!!! Show-and-tell was step 1... I've asked for a full TT-scale Clinic session at an upcoming meet; possibly June in San Leandro.
Richard Brennan
Mar 29, 2014

TT at the NMRA Pacific Coast Region-Coast Division meeting.....

.on March 23 in San Francisco. Very nice, even if standard gauge. I posted a picture. Tom K.
Thomas Knapp
Mar 29, 2014

Re: Harp switch stand (operating)

Yep, that is one of mine - from many years ago. I am working on a 3D model of a couple of PCRY switch stands for casting in brass - they will be designed to
Thomas Knapp
Jan 14, 2014

Re: Code 40 handmade curved switches

I tried the link I sent earlier (below). It does not work. The link to does work. sorry for the need of a correction. -Andy Carlson Ojai CA ...
Andy Carlson
Jan 14, 2014

Harp switch stand (operating)

On a hunch, I purchased some Details Associates white metal one-piece Harp witch stands. I recall that you provided many patterns to Pete Thorp for DA N scale
Andy Carlson
Jan 14, 2014

Re: Code 40 handmade curved switches

Hump Yard Models is a small business selling manual switch controls which has an Interlocking styled lever which pulls/pushes a sleeved
Andy Carlson
Jan 14, 2014

Re: Code 40 handmade curved switches

Andy, I built the three-way switch at the coach shed some time ago, but have yet to figure out an easy and fool proof way to operate it. How will you be doing
Thomas Knapp
Jan 14, 2014
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